April Come She Will

Video / Motion Graphics / Typography

As an avid film watcher, I've come to appreciate great cinematic moments that capture strong emotion. With this particular project, I sought to create a music video that relied on vector and typographic interactivity to visualize the song lyrics. After going through several melancholic tracks on my mp3 player, I selected Simon & Garfunkel's song April Come She Will due to its rich lyrical imagery. My goal was to construct the narrative of a sunny relationship gone cold, as would be seen through the seasons of the year.



Several lyrics of the song reminded me of a bird, so I wanted to incorporate that imagery into the video. Using vector images that synchronized to the rhythm of the track, the video depicted the time lapse through the seasons of spring, summer, and fall.



Using an organic color palette, the digital environment is juxtaposed with the folksy sounds. I intended everything to flow gently and serenely like a leaf falling to the ground or a stream in the woods. The lyrics appeared slowly and in coordination with the animated vector images. Their movement and transition occurred in tandem with the video's quiet narrative.

This project was chosen for display at UC Davis Design Department's 2015 Design x Design Exhibition and was awarded Design Merit in digital media.


Adobe Aftereffects, Adobe Illustrator

View the final video here.